Why can’t I see any pieces?

In order to view our collection, you must create an account and have it approved by our administrative team.

How long does it take for my account to be approved?

It will generally take anywhere from 2 hours to 24 hours. If you need approval urgently, please contact your sales professional directly.

I have confirmed my selection from the web portal, what happens next?

After confirming your selection, your sales professional will contact you directly, for a secondary confirmation, invoicing, or to inform you of the order processing times.

How can I cancel my selection?

If you would like to cancel your selection, please contact your sales professional immediately. We are unable to process cancellations via the web portal. 

What are the ring size measurements?

Our standard Ring Size is 53 (Us6.5). While you can view our ring size chart for conversions, do note that these do not provide 100% accuracy as each items ring size may vary a little. For orders with precise ring sizes, please provide us a mm size.  

Please view our ring size chart here.

How Do I Submit My Selection

There are two ways to submit your selection.

1. Select the Make Enquiry button at the bottom of your cart. This will send your cart to your sales professional who will then get back to you.

2. Select the Save as PDF button at the bottom of your cart. This will save your cart as a PDF. You can then share this PDF with your sales professional via a messaging app, email etc... Please note that you will have to wait approximately 30 seconds for your PDF to be created properly if your cart size is large.

What is The Personal View and Original View Format

Introducing New Personal View Settings On the APP

1. On the control panel click on settings
2. Enter your account password.
3. Enter the client name you wish to create a catalog/show items to.
4. Enter the percentage mark up.
5. Upload your logo.
6. Click Submit.
7. On Control Panel, switch from original view to personal view.
8. You can add items to your selection by pressing the heart icon/or clicking add to selection on product detail page.
9. After completing selection, you can save the pdf catalog with your logo, your clients name, with your marked up prices.
10. Share the PDF with your client.